Monday, November 5, 2012

INTERNATIONAL Peacekeepers' to Myanmar

Malaysia International Institute of Islamic Cooperation (IKIAM)
and the Council of ASEAN Islamic NGO Movement

Malaysia International Institute of Islamic Cooperation (IKIAM) and the Council of ASEAN Islamic NGO Movement  feel very sad over the continuous  killing of Rohingya villages in Rakhine, Myanmar  since last July 2012. Thousands of ethnic Rohingya adults, women and children have been brutally murdered, burned together with their villages or lost in the ocean. Hundreds of ethnic Rohingya villages were destroyed. Thousands of homes have been burned and destroyed. Tens of thousands of ethnic Rohingya also suffer from hunger and lack of food and in hiding. Those who still live in Rakhine are now seem to deliver their heads to be cut off by Buddhist extremists and they can only pray for mercy and protection of Allah alone.

Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingya refugees are beginning to roam within Myanmar and other countries, increasing the number of existing numbers in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and so on. It is estimated more than two million ethnic Rohingya are now holding international refugees status.

The Government of Myanmar was clearly not able to curb these atrocities and therefore must be more actively pressured to stop the unrest and killings immediately and to provide safety to ethnic Rohingya. But apparently the Rakhine Buddhist extremists are so powerful in their effort to eliminate ethnic Rohingya. Myanmar government's failure to address these issues alone clearly shows a sign of weakness and actually Myanmar government needs the aid of international peacekeeping team. Buddhists around the world also seems to let Buddhist extremists to destroy Rohingya Muslims because there is no direct efforts from them to curb such atrocities.

Analysis by a number of experts in humanitarian aid  as well as by the Humanitarian Studies Centre of the Council of ASEAN Islamic NGO Movement  indicate if the current killing and ethnic Rohingya cleansing activities are not stopped immediately the ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar will be extinct in less than two years. Does the world still want to remain silent on the slaughtering and destruction of this ethnic? Myanmar Prime Minister Thein Sein is responsible for this and he could be brought and prosecuted in the International Court Tribunal for adjudication because there is no conscious effort to correct this grave situation.

As such, IKIAM and the Council of ASEAN Islamic NGO Movement is diplomatically requesting the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) together with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to act quickly in gathering and sending 'INTERNATIONAL Peacekeepers' to Myanmar to help Myanmar government to stop the killing of Rohingya ethnic immediately. We are confident that teams from various countries including Malaysia will help the Government of Myanmar to end the conflict and to effectively implement structured programs to restore livelihoods and economic security of the ethnic Rohingya based on 'humanitarian POLICY' proclaimed today. We expect in the next two weeks the INTERNATIONAL peacekeepers will be able to enter Myanmar and carry out their duties.

Myanmar Government should provide integrated and sustainable solutions that provide the  security and development in the area as well as returning the citizenship rights for the Muslim Rohingya throughout Burma and the refugees now in dozens of countries around the world. The abovementioned process will integrate Muslim Rohingya with the rest of the  people of Myanmar so that they can peacefully live together and contribute to the development of Myanmar.

IKIAM is urging Malaysian, ASEAN and World NGOs to continue pressuring the UN and the OIC for diplomatic solution on Rohingya issue. To the Muslims in Malaysia and the world, let us endeavor, chanting, reciting Yassin and pray to Allah continuously so the Rohingya ethnic misery will cease and they do not disappear off the face of the earth.

Statement by:

Malaysia International Institute of Islamic Cooperation (IKIAM)
Dated: 5th November 2012

Mohd Shamsuddin Damin
Tel: 019-237 7887

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